Saturday, March 13, 2021

Medieval Monday Spring 2021 - A Video Tour

 Come see the Medieval books that are highlighted for #MedMonSpring21 – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Here is what Reviewers say about our stories...

Lachlann's Legacy by Ashley York

"I loved the book and it kept me enthralled, from the first sentence to the last."

The Lady of the Forest by Bearbara Bettis

 "Ms. Bettis demonstrates her skill weaving a plot full of twists and turns. From the very first scene I was cheering for the triumph of honor and love."

 A Knight in Rusted Armor by Bambi Lynn

"The whole story reads like a medieval or renaissance festival. It’s fun -- a thoroughly enjoyable read."

The Highlander's Pirate Bride by Cathy and DD MacRae

 "I had such great fun reading this book, Cathy and DD have done another awesome story…"

Leif by Celeste Barclay

 "This is what you want to read after a tough day of a rainy day when you want to forget the world outside. I enjoyed everything about this novel from the characters to its humour. "

The Last Dragon by Daryl Devoré

"Ms. Devore draws us through the journey and brings us to the other side through her writing skill for suspense, characterization, and description."

Betrayal by Jenna Jaxon

 "Wow! This is an exceptional read! "

 Return of the Raven by Judith Sterling

"The romance between Griffin and Margaret is sweeping and fraught with obstacles but when they finally get together, it filled my heart with joy. A brilliant conclusion to the series, Return of the Raven is a must-read."

 Magnar by Mary Morgan

"Mary has once again created fantastic characters and wonderful descriptions that will whisk you into the story where you find yourself rooting for the hero, cursing the villain, and swooning with the heroine."

The Highlander's Reward by Eliza Knight

"Eliza Knight writes some of the hottest novels, the story's are wonderful, and you can't help falling in love with the characters... this was a wonderful story that made me long for the rest of the series!! Eliza Knight does it again!!

Tremors by Anastasia Abboud 

"Wow, wonderful multi faceted story with great characters who continue to evolve throughout the story."

Knight of Runes by Ruth A. Casie

"This book took my breath away! Ruth Casie has once again transported the reader back to the days of magic, traitors, battles for honor and true romance."

To Follow My Heart by Sherry Ewing

"Thank you Sherry Ewing for once again lifting my heart with a book that left me wanting more."

 A Highland Autumn by Sophia Nye

"This book has everything you want: a witty heroine, a dashing hero, lots of action, and of course a swoon-worthy romance."


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