Thursday, February 17, 2022

The Lady and the Spy – CAN YOU CRACK THE CODE?

Release Day for The Lady and the Spy


No matter how many books an author has, a release of their 20th book is as exciting as the release of their 1st. I am no different.
This book was almost finished when I realized I had overlooked a major piece of the story. Take a look at the cover and you will find a beautiful diamond and ruby brooch. You really can’t miss it. I got so involved in writing the spy story that I neglected to add in the brooch’s significance. The pin was worth more than a simple mention. It was an important part of the story. I tossed out half of what I had written (*sigh*) and went to work.
The results are wonderful. The story is available on Amazon
Research led me to secret codes and for my readers a chance to CRACK THE CODE in the story.

Solve the Puzzle

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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

The Lady and the Spy


Introducing Book Two of my Regency Series, The Ladies of Sommer-by-the-Sea.

The Lady and the Spy

With each encounter her heartbeat quickened.

With each encounter his need for her grew stronger.

Lady Patrice Montgomery Edgemont always did what was expected of her and look where that got her, married off by her father into a loveless relationship. She solved the puzzle that was prospective husband number two, another of her father’s choices and quickly made him a distant memory. Lady Patrice is not playing games. She is through with men.

Nikolai Baranov is the son of a Russian grand duke and spy for Tzar Alexander I. When his father and associates are killed, Nikolai doesn’t play games. The only thing worth winning is revenge for his family.

When a blizzard blankets Sommer-by-the-Sea, Lady Patrice is the only one who can help the mysterious wounded Russian she finds in her hunting lodge. It will take Nikolai’s skill as a spy and Lady Patrice’s expertise at solving puzzles to play through and win the game, a happily ever after.

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Chapter One is available for you to read here.

The Ladies of Sommer-by-the-Sea

Welcome to Sommer-by-the-Sea, a vibrant village nestled on the rugged northeast coast of England, 15 miles north of Newcastle upon Tyne. Here, the world is centered on the country village and the lives of the landowning and professional families. Sommer-by-the-Sea is populated with aristocrats, gentry, self-made men, shop owners, local workers, and servants, a cross-section of the people of the time. Steeped in history dating back as far as the Vikings, the villagers are proud and celebrate their heritage.

Everyone from the elite summer residents to the year-round residence keep businesses flourishing and gossip thriving. As with any small town, there are challenges and successes, secrets, disagreements, and feuds. There is no shortage of romance, mystery, drama, and even a murder or two.

Graduates of the Sommer-by-the-Sea Female Seminary have a unique education. Along with the usual studies available, the head mistress has nurtured each woman’s innate ability and helped them develop into the women they are today. This shared unique experience has kept the graduates close.

Each lady has her own story to tell as she is called to action and must demonstrate she is smart, strong and sensible and must challenge the accepted definition of a “woman’s place.” For these women, arranged or political marriages will not do. If she chooses a husband, it will be for love, on her own terms, and with a man who will accept her as a partner. 

It is with pleasure I introduce you to The Ladies of Sommer-by-the-Sea, and their stories.