Friday, July 23, 2021

July - Wishing you all the best on your special day!


As promised, on the 23rd of every month I will post a list of literary author birthdays. I came across the list on Book Lover Gifts website. Feel free to add your favorite authors special day. Put it in the comments section, just wait for their birth month.


  • 21 July 1899 - Ernest Hemingway, author of A Farewell to Arms
  • 28 July 1866 - Beatrix Potter, author of Peter Rabbit
  • 30 July 1818 - Emily Bronte, author of Wuthering Heights
  • 31 July 1965 - J K Rowling, author of Harry Potter


July Facts:

  • July is the warmest month in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Sometimes the long, hot days of July are called the “dog days of summer.”
  • The ruby, July’s birthstone is associated with contentment, love, passion and integrity.
  • Originally call Quintillis on the Roman calendar, the name was changed to honor Julius Caesar who was born July 12.
  • Folklore: As July, so next January.


See you next month!