Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Truth About Blogging

I've been in the cave, again. Not necessarily a dark and foreboding place but more of an alone one where I can write and think and write some more. While I'm pretty good at multitasking I found I had to concentrate and push to the finish line of my new manuscript.

The results are really good actually. I created a five book series with book one completed. Now I wait with baited breath for an acceptance from the acquisition team at my publisher. I'm already formulating Plan B just in case they're not interested.

But how does that tie back to the title of today's blog. Well, as you know, I haven't been blogging very much recently. It seems that there are less comments on blogs in general so have blogs passed their usefulness?
I came across a great blog by Suzan Butler (I've turned into a lurker but I still read blogs) that addressed this questions and really make me think.

While there are some that think blogging is passe and surpassed by Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, Suzan believes that there are ways to draw readers. I suspect that consistency is one of them *cheesy grin*

Suzan's top ten blogging tips include:

  1. Keep the paragraphs short and easy to read.
  2. Use lists. Personally, I love lists.
  3. Keep the background easy on the eyes and not distracting.
  4. Blog titles are like book titles. They must be engaging to draw your readers.
  5. Make certain your name is somewhere in your blog title so you market your brand.
  6. Add links to all social networks.
  7. Add share buttons to all your posts.
  8. Add a subscription widget.
  9. Make your language PG-13.
  10. Get the conversation going. If you want comments and discussion, provoke it by asking questions. 
Here is the link to Suzan's full post.

So, to borrow from Suzan, What other blogging tips would you add to this list? Do you think blogging is past its prime? Tell me one think you came across in blogs that you hate and one thing you really love?
Coming out of the cave isn't so bad. It's like coming into the sunshine. Besides, I realize that I've really missed you.