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The Grand Mistletoe Assembly - A Charity Anthology


You just MUST read this anthology! The Grand Mistletoe Assembly

Can the festival ball of the Season bring six couples together in time for the holidays? A collection of Regency romances with star-crossed lovers, fast-paced plots and timeless connections...

Cuddling under mistletoe, fine lace, snowy linen, and true love to be found in the flickering light of a hundred gas lamps. Pearler House is bedecked for the holidays and everyone is attending the event of a lifetime. Experience the joy of the season with six all-new tales of passion. Some are sweet, some are spicy, all will capture your heart.

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Sara Adrein, whose story Captured at the Ball is in the anthology, is my guest today. Here is what she has to say about Regency romance.

What draws you to Regency Romance and what do you enjoy most about writing it?

I absolutely adore the Regency era! It's such a fascinating time when everyone dressed elegantly, displayed impeccable manners, and the art and architecture were simply breathtaking. And who could resist the charm of afternoon tea and delightful finger foods? Romance has always held a special place in my heart, as it profoundly shapes our lives, futures, and family dynamics. That's why my books go beyond just focusing on the couple – they weave in the stories of family members too, making each tale an all-encompassing journey of love and relationships. Sometimes I wish out present had a bit more of the Regency era; if only we could pick and choose!

 How is your story in the anthology connected to the series. Can you tell us a little about the characters and how they come together?

Absolutely! In my latest captivating tale, we meet Sofia, a daring Russian spy sent to London on a mission to bring down Eve Pearler, the elegant Jewish matriarch from my much-loved "Infiltrating the Ton" series. Eve is not only a sophisticated lady but also an integral member of her family's jeweler business, expertly navigating relationships within the Ton. Enter the disgruntled Prussian Baron von List, who is determined to topple the entire Jewish businesses from the "Diamond Dynasty" series. This thrilling adventure reunites many familiar characters from previous books but in a whole new light, as it serves as the prequel to the upcoming "Check Mates" series. So, whether you're a fan of my other works or a newcomer, you can either savor this story as a standalone or delight in the intricate connections and overlaps woven into the plot.

 Was there something funny, crazy, or otherwise memorable in creating this anthology as you worked with the other authors and editors? Anecdotes are fun, please share!

Oh, what a delightful experience it's been working on this anthology! When you bring together six passionate Romance authors and discuss the steam level for the stories, let's just say things got as heated as a whistling teakettle! But in all seriousness, this journey has been nothing short of amazing. We've forged new friendships, embarked on exciting collaborations, and ultimately, created a fantastic book that we cannot wait to share with our beloved readers this season. With join effort and lots of creativity, we created a world of enchanting tales and unforgettable moments that we are all very proud of.

In a genre brimming with passionate love stories and grand adventures, how do you maintain originality in your writing and keep readers on the edge of their seats? Are there any specific themes or tropes you particularly enjoy exploring in your Regency Romance novels?

I must say, my favorite trope in historical fiction has to be the arranged marriage – it perfectly captures the essence of how matches were made for Jews two hundred years ago. There's something incredibly heartfelt and intriguing about falling in love with someone you're already married to, as if Cupid himself provided a target for your affection. While I often describe my work as Regency Romance with a Jewish twist, it could honestly feature any unique angle. London has long been a melting pot of diverse cultures and religions, and today's readers are fascinated by the idea of Jews discreetly mingling within the Ton. My research has uncovered plenty of evidence to support this notion, and I've also drawn inspiration from my personal experiences. I hope that readers will continue to embrace the rich tapestry of stories that bring these fascinating characters and cultures to life in my hot and heart-melting stories.


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