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Medieval Monday Blog Hop with Elisabeth Hobbes

It’s the fourth week in our Medieval Monday First Encounter snippets and giveaway. Giveaway you say? Yes, if you comment on any of the participating author’s threads, you will be in the running for a giveaway of all the ebook’s in this round’s theme. Winners will be announced at the conclusion of week 14.
Please welcome my guest, Elisabeth Hobbes, and the snippet from her novel Redeeming the Rogue Knight. Don’t forget to leave a comment below for Elisabeth. Happy reading and enjoy!

Excerpt Week Four
Thomas shook his head, his eyes filling with grief.
‘No! Oh, bad tidings, Sister.’
Lucy’s heart twisted. This was not the way a son should learn such news. Thomas would regret their father’s passing more than she did. But then Thomas had never suffered the consequences of having disappointed him as greatly as Lucy had.
The man groaned. Thomas glanced at him. ‘Tell me more later, but now we need to take him upstairs to a bed.’
Lucy took a step back, shaking her head. Not to the floor where Robbie slept in peace, blissfully unaware of the drama happening beneath him. She barred the way, finally revealing her poker and brandishing it like a sword.
‘Come, little dove,’ the injured man slurred, grinning crookedly. ‘Be sensible and we all might live.’

Back Cover Copy Redeeming the Rogue Knight by Elisabeth Hobbes
The spy who sought refuge…
When injured spy Sir Roger Danby comes asking for shelter at her inn, Lucy Carew is wary. He may be strikingly handsome, but the disgraced single mother has learnt the hard way with men like him. Against her better judgement, she gives him refuge.
Sir Roger has never been at the mercy of a woman before, and he’s never met one as mysterious and bewitching as Lucy. He hasn't come looking for redemption, but Lucy is a woman who could reach in and touch his closely guarded heart…
You can find Elisabeth’s snippet next week on Bambi Lynn’ blog here.
Elisabeth is hosting my fourth snippet on her blog this week. You can find me on her blog here.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by today and left a comment for a chance to win our giveaway!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Books, Chocolate and Wine with Barbara White Daille

Ruth, thanks so much for inviting me back to share another of my books in the Hitching Post Hotel series.
Readers, all my books stand alone as far as each hero and heroine reaching their happy-ever-after by the end of their story!
A Rancher of Her Own - A Hitching Post Hotel book
Ranch manager Pete Brannigan has no interest in playing tour guide to a city slicker like Jane Garland. But spending a few days with the headstrong photographer is a small price to pay for everything her grandfather has given the single dad. Though Pete's drawn to Jane's sharp wit and striking beauty, he won't hurt his young children by falling for another woman who puts her career before family. 
Jane's seen the world through her camera…and used it to shield her emotions. With Pete, she can finally let her guard down. If only he could do the same. Despite their powerful bond, Pete still can't trust Jane with his kids or his heart. But if he keeps pushing her away, he may ruin any chance their relationship has to develop.
A Rancher of Her Own is available in print and, as I write this, my publisher also has the digital version on sale for $.99 at many e-tailers.
This clip from the book comes very soon after Pete reluctantly takes on his new job of assisting Jane:
Arms crossed, Pete leaned against the doorframe and watched Jane go up the ladder. “You do realize that sticker on the step you just breezed past says not to climb any higher, right?”
“I need to find the best angle.” She sat astride the top of the ladder, one foot braced on the paint tray.
While he could and did admire the view, he didn’t think much at all of her position. “I’ll tell you what you’ll find if you’re not careful—your head cracked open after you fall into that tub.”
“Not your problem.”
“No. Not until I have to explain the situation to Jed.”
“Don’t worry—Grandpa won’t sue you. And if you’re that concerned, I’ll sign a waiver.” After a few clicks with her camera, she frowned and glanced toward the window near the head of the tub. “Can you move that curtain to one side?”
“It’s bright as day in here already.”
“The sun’s going down, though, and I want to catch the light streaming in across the bubbles.”
He’d called it right about her liking things just so. He flipped up the bottom of the curtain to loop it over the rod.
Again, she frowned. “Not exactly the effect I was looking for.”
“You really are a perfectionist, aren’t you?”
For a moment, her lips pressed into a tight, straight line. Then she smiled. “You ought to see my hospital corners when I make a bed.”
“Was that an offer?” The words slipped out of his mouth before he’d had a chance to think about the consequences. What was it about Jane that scrambled his brain?
She gave him a slow smile. “Cowboy, if I made you an offer, it would be perfectionistically clear.”
The image that brought to mind left him breathless. He turned and shoved the fabric across the rod, then stood looking through the window. One way or another, he needed to forget these thoughts he was having about her.
 Or find out if he actually had seen that spark of interest earlier.
“The second in The Hitching Post Hotel miniseries has Grandpa Jed once again exercising his matchmaking skills. This time, he’s going to need some help with this stubborn pair. This slow-burning romance with an antagonistic edge addresses love, loss and learning to forgive.”  – RT Book Reviews
“The second Hitching Post Hotel contemporary is an enjoyable ranch romance starring leads who expect their shaky relationship to fail before it can truly begin; as love is not enough.  Grandpa Jed and his young posse bring enchantment to the storyline.”
Genre Go Round Reviews
“A heartwarming tale, A RANCHER OF HER OWN, the second book in author Barbara White Daille’s THE HITCHING POST HOTEL series, is an emotion-packed, sexy contemporary romance, which is sure to touch the hearts of its readers… As a huge fan of Ms. Daille’s inspiring, heartwarming novels, I always look forward to her next book. I have never been disappointed by any of her works and this one is no exception as she takes readers from heartache to joy in a small town setting with all the risks, tears and laughter along the way. This story demonstrates once more why Ms. Daille is one of my favorite authors. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy today! Definitely a must read!” – Romance Junkies
About the Author
Barbara White Daille lives with her husband in the sunny Southwest. Though they love the warm winters and the lizards in their front yard, they haven’t gotten used to the scorpions in the bathroom. Barbara also loves writing, reading, and chocolate. Come to think of it, she enjoys writing about those subjects, too!
Barbara wrote her first short story at the age of nine, then typed "The End" to her first novel many years the eighth grade. Now she's writing contemporary romance on a daily basis. Sign up for her newsletter to keep up with the latest in her writing life:
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Medieval Monday Blog Hop with Sherry Ewing

Happy Medieval Monday. Today I’m hosting Sherry Ewing who has a snippet from her story, For All of Ever. Riorden is coming down the beach with his men and off in the distance he sees a woman that no one else can see. Here is the third excerpt.

Riorden watched as Aiden searched his face, as if to check to see if he were, in truth, a bit mad. He refused to feel ill at ease. So he showed the younger man as normal an appearance as he could muster, to prove he was, indeed, in control of his senses. He nodded to Aiden, who relaxed and leaned back into his saddle to await his orders.

“Stay here,” Riorden commanded, and then kicked his horse forward ’til he came abreast of the woman sitting on the blanket in the sand. His horse reared as if spooked, and he watched the woman rapidly move in fear of being trampled beneath the heavy hooves.

Next week find out more about Riorden on Bambi Lynn’s blog.

For All of Ever: The Knights of Berwyck
A Quest Through Time Novel (Book One)

Sherry Ewing

Sometimes to find your future, you must look to the past…

Katherine Wakefield has dreamed and written of her knight in shining armor all her life. Never finding a man to measure up to the one of her imagination, she and her three closest friends take a dream vacation to England. Yet, strange things begin happening while visiting Bamburgh Castle, but how could they have known they’d find themselves thrown back more than eight hundred years into the past?

Riorden de Deveraux travels to Bamburgh answering the summons of King Henry II knowing his past life is about to catch up with him. But nothing prepares him for the beautiful vision of a strangely clad ghost who first appears in his chamber, let alone the fact he begins having a conversation with her.

Centuries are keeping them apart until Time gives them a chance at finding love. But there are obstacles threatening the fragile bit of hope that Riorden and Katherine can remain together. Will the past of one consume what their future may hold, or will Time take the decision from them and hurtle Katherine forward to where she truly belongs?

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Read For All of Ever: The Knights of Berwyck, A Quest Through Time Novel (Book One) for #FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

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Books, Chocolate, and Wine with Barbara White Daille

Thank you to Ruth for sharing the first book in the six-book series called The Hitching Post Hotel. Readers, I hope you enjoy the peek at the story and will feel free to say hi in the comments!
The Cowboy’s Little Surprise
The Hitching Post Hotel #1
A guy like Cole Slater is hard to forget. Tina Sanchez should know—for years since high school she's tried to bury the pain of Cole's cruel betrayal. But it's impossible to ignore the man she sees reflected in her young son's eyes now that Cole is back in her life—and about to meet the child he never knew he had. 
Returning home to New Mexico, Cole is determined to put his playboy reputation to rest. Especially now that he knows there's a little boy looking up to him. And seeing Tina again reignites all the feelings Cole ran from as a teen. Despite his fear that he can't be the man Tina deserves, he's determined to try. For his son's sake—and his own.
Available in both print and e-book formats. For more info on this title and the full series:
In this scene, Cole and Tina are in the lobby of the Hitching Post, where Cole has just gotten his first glimpse of Tina’s son.  Jed is the hotel owner and Tina’s grandfather:
 Cole leaned in closer, probably to make sure she wouldn’t miss a single word. “You didn’t think I’d take one look at that kid and make the connection?”
That kid is my son,” she snapped.
“Mine, too, judging by the looks of him. He’s about a year older than Scott, isn’t he? Which means he’s four.”
The accuracy of his guess made her flinch.
“I knew it.” Though he gave her a smug smile, his face had paled. “You might’ve always been the math whiz in school, Tina, but I can danged sure add—”
“Stop,” she whispered.
Jed was approaching from the direction of his den.
Cole shot a look over his shoulder, then turned back to her. “We’re not finished,” he said harshly.
“You still here?” Jed asked. “Thought you’d be long gone by now.”
Cole pushed himself away from the desk. “On our way. Tina was just planning to walk us out to my truck so we could finish our conversation.”
“Fine,” Jed said, smiling.
“No,” she blurted. “I mean…I told Cole, I’ve got to go help Abuela in the kitchen.”
“Don’t worry about that,” Jed said. “Maria’s in there. They’ve got everything covered. But I’ll head on back and tell them you’ll be there in a bit. Robbie, you come along with me.”
She wanted to protest, but one look at Cole’s narrowed eyes and set jaw told her he wouldn’t leave the hotel without her—and if she refused to go, he would blurt out the truth right here.
“Barbara White Daille deftly handles how the past affects the decisions we make while building a future for Cole and Tina. Pick this one up for a quick read that will leave you with that feel good feeling!” Joyfully Reviewed
“Set in the small town of Cowboy Creek and featuring Jedediah Garland’s family of granddaughters, The Hitching Post Hotel series has started off with a winner, THE COWBOY’S LITTLE SURPRISE. This first book is about Jed’s youngest granddaughter, Tina, as she becomes reacquainted with her teenage crush and the father of her son. Readers can always count on the story-telling talent of Barbara White Daille as she creates heartwarming tales centered around family, romance and happily-ever-afters.” CataRomance
A heartwarming tale, THE COWBOY’S LITTLE SURPRISE, the latest book by author Barbara White Daille, is a charming contemporary romance with plenty of hometown warmth. Tina and Cole have been vulnerable in the past and each had their way of dealing with it, but they have grown up during their years apart. Perhaps, this is their chance to get it right, or perhaps, they are no longer right for each other. Will little Robbie make a difference in their relationship? There is only one way to find out – pick up a copy and lose yourself in this delightful novel.” Romance Junkies
 About the Author
Barbara White Daille lives with her husband in the sunny Southwest. Though they love the warm winters and the lizards in their front yard, they haven’t gotten used to the scorpions in the bathroom. Barbara also loves writing, reading, and chocolate. Come to think of it, she enjoys writing about those subjects, too!
Barbara wrote her first short story at the age of nine, then typed "The End" to her first novel many years the eighth grade. Now she's writing contemporary romance on a daily basis. Sign up for her newsletter to keep up with the latest in her writing life:
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Medieval Monday Blog Hop - First Encounter - Lane McFarland

Happy Medieval Monday! Our author exchange is about our hero and heroine's first encounter. Today I'm hosting Lane McFarland with a snippet from her book, Elisabeth

     Someone beat the dark wood again. If a traveler trapped in the storm sought shelter, she couldn't deny sanctuary and leave them in the fierce squall. With a deep breaths she shoved the iron bolt to the right and eased open the door.
     A just of wind buffeted the heavy door and shoved it against her body. The turbulent storm swirled a blanket of snow, and stinging ice crystals pelted her eyes. She held up a hand to shield her face and quieted into the court yard.

     Book III in The Daughters of Alastair MacDougall Series

Elsbeth MacDougall recoils at the violent Scottish rebellion and the bleak flight of orphans. Vowing to protect the homeless, she embarks on a journey to Scone and set her course to become a nun, sheltering children from the cruelties of war. But when Brandon McLeod arrives at the Abby, he shakes her convictions and stirs provoking emotions she buried long ago.

After English soldiers murder his family, Brandon McLeod determines a course of revenge and leads numberous clans in Scotland's fight for freedom. Bend on the annilihaltion of English oppression, he sis resolved to a life of solitude, vowing never to marry and chance the pain of losing one's loved ones again. However, that was before he met the enchanting Elsbeth.

Buy Link: Amazon

You can read my snippet on Lane's blog,

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Medieval Monday Blog Hop - First Encounter - Judith Sterling

Welcome back to Medieval Monday. We had such a terrific response when we did snippets of a scene that built week after week until you have the entire scene that we're doing it again. This time we're doing an author exchange (Judith on my blog and I'm on her's) and it's all about our hero and heroine's first encounter.

Today I'm hosting Judith Sterling. Here is snippet number one from Soul of the Wolf.

            The clouds swirled, the breeze sang, and the meadow cushioned her fleet steps.  Tomorrow her fate would be sealed, but this moment was hers.

            A low hill rose before her.  Pausing, she breathed deeply of the crisp air and the scent of pine needles.  She removed her brown mantle, tossed it over her arm, and started up the hill.  Not far ahead, a bird’s caw mingled with the rustle of leaves.

            And there was another sound, deep and low.  A male voice.  A smooth, rich timbre interwoven with the wind.  It wended its way into her ears like music.

Soul of the Wolf – Blurb

A Norman loyalist, Lady Jocelyn bristles when ordered to marry Wulfstan, a Saxon sorcerer. She nurses a painful secret and would rather bathe in a cesspit than be pawed by such a man...until her lifelong dream of motherhood rears its head.

A man of magic and mystery, Wulfstan has no time for wedded bliss. He fears that consummating their marriage will bind their souls and wrench his focus from the ancient riddle his dying mother begged him to solve. He's a lone wolf, salving old wounds with endless work. But Jocelyn stirs him as no woman ever has.

Their attraction is undeniable. Their fates are intertwined. Together, they must face their demons and bring light to a troubled land.

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You can find my snippet on Judith's blog at