Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Historical Romance Authors Easter Egg Hunt

 There is an Easter Egg hidden in the picture above. Find my hidden Easter egg in the picture above and you're on your way to winning the Grand Prize.

Return to the event page and hop on over to the next author OR the links below. Here is the link to Author/Egg Matching Worksheet in a google doc. The eggs are all mixed up, so your egg are NOT next to the correct author. They are mixed up so you can write the egg number next to author's name. When you're done, either e-mail Heather McCollum a list of authors with egg numbers or pictures of your sheets with lines marching the eggs to the correct author.  

I have my own game for you, for added fun... 

  • Follow this link to a jigsaw puzzle 
  • Put the puzzle together.
  • Count the number of Easter egg cookies on the sign.
  • Enter the number of cookies you found in the comments below. 

The prize...

Four correct answers will be randomly selected and each winner will receive a $5 Amazon gift card.

Have fun and a wonderful holiday!


Link where Readers will Hop

Alanna Lucas 

Brenna Ash

C.H. Admirand 

Collette Cameron

Deb Marlowe

E. Elizabeth Watson

Elizabeth Rose

Eliza Knight

Emily Royal

Glynnis Campbell

Heather McCollum

Jessica Clements

Katherine Bone

Katherine Grant

Kathryn Le Veque

Lauren Royal

Lori Ann Bailey

Madeline Martin

Maeve Greyson

Margaux Thorne

Mary Lancaster 

Melanie Rose Clarke

Nicole Locke

Rachel Ann Smith

Ruth A. Casie   YOU'RE HERE!

Sandra Sookoo

Terri Brisbin 

Tina Gabrielle

Tracy Brogan

Tracy Sumner