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One US winner will receive signed copies of each of my five pirate books

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Five international winners will receive a signed bookplate and swag.

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Thankful for Books Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Twelfth Annual Thankful for Books Giveaway Hop Event. We invite bloggers and authors to join the fun! It will be a great way to discover new blogs and to celebrate our love of books! The hosts for this year’s event are Caffeinated Reviewer and Reading Reality

The giveaway will run from 12:01AM on Monday, November 21st through 11:59PM Monday, November 28th.

The Top 10 Reasons I Love Thanksgiving!


1.     We celebrate the Friday after.

At our house we celebrate Thanksgiving the day after turkey day. We started the tradition as a compromise for my kids and their in-laws. They were conflicted about where to spend Thanksgiving. No one wanted to miss dinner with their family. We talked about brunch in the morning or later in the day. That just wasn’t the same. Instead I opted for the day after. It was not a hardship. I did it selfishly. This way I have them all to myself. My kids and their in-laws love the idea.

2.     No turkey!

This year’s menu is roast leg of lamb and brisket. (It’s the same every year. I’m forbidden to change it.) That's another benefit of celebrating the day after. No turkey. Everyone's had their fill on Thursday. Although the family still demands mulled cider, sweet potato soufflé and noodle pudding.

3.     Everyone moves back home.

Our son and his family drive down from Boston. Our two daughters and their families live thirty minutes away, but they all move home for the weekend. It will definitely be a houseful but I wouldn't want it any other way.

4.     Butternut Squash Soup

Our younger daughter added this to our menu a few years ago. My cooking is all done when she comes in with all the fixings and makes the soup.

5.     My granddaughters help in the kitchen

They enjoy helping in the kitchen and setting the table. The boys play video games or toss a ball in the park across the street. 

6.     The coffee runs to Dunkin Donuts and late night outings to the local ice cream shop.

Our son-in-law goes to our local DD and brings home a selection of coffees for us while we finish cooking. It’s always a surprise. Since our dinner is midafternoon, my husband takes the grandkids to the ice cream shop to bring back more surprises. I could easily have the ice cream at the house, but I think he uses it as an excuse to spend some time with them.

7.     Time together

After dinner we flop on the sofa with a large bowl of popcorn. My husband tries to get a Scrabble game going but usually they want to watch a movie.

8.    Saturday Breakfast

With all this tumult and cooking, did I mention the mandatory French toast on Saturday morning? The rest of the day is casual and lazy and usually another movie.

9.     Sunday Afternoon

After breakfast, our son and his family pack up to start home to Boston. The others linger for a short time, but they are already thinking about school on Monday. When they all leave the house is eerily quiet. Thank goodness they’ll all be back in three weeks for the holidays and we do this again. This time with presents!

10. It's all magical to me.

At our family Thanksgiving weekend, I sit and look at the twelve of us around the table and beam with pride. I’d be happy not to eat, just enjoy them. This is what I’m most thankful for, my dear husband who supports me in everything I do, my children and their spouses who make me laugh until I cry, and my four grandchildren who are each a blessing.


I hope your Thanksgiving is delicious and wonderful.

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Ho-Ho-Ho Readathon 2020: Ruth’s Puzzle Challenge #HOHOHORAT2022

Today is the kick-off of the HoHoHo Readathon hosted by Kimberly from Caffeinated Reader! This is my first Readathon and I am so excited to be participating as an elf with a mini challenge for participants.

If you'd like to join the readathon, it's not too late! Visit Caffeinated Reviewer on Kimberley's blog for the sign-up linky as well as a list of all the other mini-challenge hosts. 

My mini-challenge is Ruth's Holiday Puzzles. Here's what you have to do: put each puzzle together and fill out the Rafflecopter below with the name of the bookstore (the first puzzle) and the title of the book (that's the second puzzle).

I hope you had fun with this challenge! If you'd like to see what I'm reading this week, I'll be posting updates on Instagram #bookstagram, Twitter, and my blog. If you're sharing updates, don't forget to use the hashtag #HoHoHoRAT2022.

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A bit of shameless self-promo here: if you're looking to add to your TBR for the readathon or into December, I have five pirate adventure-romances on sales, each for $0.99, Nov 24th – 30th.

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2022 Ho-Ho-Ho Readathon Challenge - #HoHoHoRAT2022


Tenth Annual Ho-Ho-Ho Read-A-Thon

It is time to mark my calendar for another HoHoHo Readathon hosted by Kimberly at Caffeinated Reviewer. This is my FIRST Read-a-Thon. The thon encourages all readers to read as many Christmas´ or winterly-themed books as we can. And there will be fun events, contests, prizes, and other things. My list of books for this readathon is short, with only one Christmas-themed books on my TBR, at least so far. But it is the fun of reading a novel, that encouraged me to join and hopefully get in the holiday mood. I must admit... I am struggling to get through Thanksgiving! Maybe a holiday story is what I need.

Let us all hope that I will reach my goal of at least one read Christmas novel or better two!

The #HoHoHoRAT will begin at 12:01 am Thursday, November 18th, and will end Wednesday, November 30th at 11:59 pm in your time zone.

-Declare your intentions on your blog or through social media. Be sure and link back to her post #HoHoHo Readathon Sign-Up over at Caffeinated Reviewer. The linky will close on November 24th, so be sure to link up even if you will only take part for a few days.

We can choose between holiday reads, winter books, yuletide murder mysteries, naughty & nice romances, and holiday horror. Whatever your mood chooses from the mentioned counts for this Ho-Ho-Ho-Readathon. Any format counts. Audiobook, library book, eBook, old book, or new book. With or without the hot chocolate, or something stronger if necessary. Follow your mood and have a great time!

Hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer
Dates of Challenge: 18 Nov. 2022 — 30 Nov. 2022
Giveaway Offered: Yes

Ruth’s Ho-Ho-Ho Reading Challenge – To Read at least One Book

I'm an Overachiever! 5 Books and still counting!

I've Read...

Christi Caldwell's The Duke Alone
"For an abandoned lady and a recluse duke, the winter season brings a swirl of romance-and danger-in a bracing novel."

Andrea Penrose's Murder on Black Swan Lane
In Regency London, an unconventional scientist and a fearless female artist team up to trap a cold-hearted killer: “Thoroughly enjoyable” (Deanna Raybourn, New York Times–bestselling author).

C. H. Harris’ What Angel’s Fear  

“Harris crafts her story with the threat of danger, hints of humor, vivid sex scenes, and a conclusion that will make your pulse race.”—The New Orleans Times-Picayune


Scarlett Scott's A Merry Wicked Winter
A heartwarming holiday novella featuring a long-lost Winter sister and the gruff Scot whose heart she heals.

Andrea Penrose's Murder at Half Moon Gate

“Penrose deftly combines a Regency romance with a tricky mystery that delves into social unrest and the darker side of this storied period.” —Kirkus Reviews

Sherry Thomas' Ravishing the Heiress

"Millie’s intellect and selflessness make her a standout among a cast of memorable characters in this expertly plotted and emotionally wrenching love story." --Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Andrea Penrose's Murder at Kensington Palace
(A Wrexford & Sloane Mystery Book 3)

“Penrose does a good job of linking the mystery to the period’s scientific and social changes....An unusually rich look at Regency life.”--Publishers Weekly

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October 28 - 31

Join 30 historical romance authors as they celebrate Halloween with an awesome four day event! Not only do you have the opportunity for the Halloween Hop's $150 gift card, I will be giving two readers a digital copy of my story The Maxwell Ghost. 

Where to find Ruth's Halloween Candy

Piece together the picture and find my candy....  Here is the puzzle -

What do I do now?

Carefully follow these directions for the Halloween Hop then check out my prize, The Maxwell Ghost

Hop to each historical romance author’s link below and find their Halloween candy. Using the Halloween candy/Author form (grab your form here -​  match the candy to the author by:

1) drawing a line between them (you may want to print & tape pages together), or

2) writing the author’s name next to their candy, or

3) writing the candy next to the author’s name.

When you have all 30 candy matches, either e-mail a picture of the form/list or send an e-mail with the author’s name list with their matching candy to by 11:59 PM on October 31, 2022.

Submitting your list will enter you into the $150 gift card giveaway! A randomly drawn winner will be picked out of all the entries. The grand prize winner will be announced by noon on November 1. The winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize.

While you are hopping to collect candy, don’t forget to like, follow, or sign up for the author’s newsletter to keep up to date on their new releases and author wanderings and my reader's group, Casie's Café.

Ruth's Giveaway

The Maxwell Ghost

Their destinies are intertwined with hidden passions and
a love that will last for eternity.

Traitors, deception, murders and ghosts run rampant at Caerlaverock Castle. Jamie Collins and Laura Reynolds, long-time friends find their destinies intertwined with hidden passions, but all is in jeopardy when Laura becomes the murderer’s next target. Jamie will find he needs some ghostly assistance to save Laura and declare his love.

No magic's a love that lasts an eternity

Two people will be randomly selected from comments here or on my Facebook page ( ) for a chance to win a digital copy of The Maxwell Ghost.

Join my reader's group, Casie's Cafe for an additional chance to win.

I will be hopping around to announce the winners at Casie's Café, and on my Facebook page on November 1.

Thanks for hopping! Wishing you a lovely and safe Halloween.

**No purchase or sign up necessary to enter. Participation is completely voluntary. Your e-mail address will not be shared or added to any lists unless you specifically sign up for a newsletter list. Winner must be at least 18 years of age and have an e-mail address to accept gift card.**

 Historical Romance Trick-or-Treat Hop

2022 Author List


Alanna Lucas

Anna St. Claire

Caroline Warfield

Deb Marlowe

Elizabeth Langston

Elizabeth Rose

Eliza Knight

E.L Johnson

Gina Conkle

Heather McCollum

Hildie McQueen

Jane Charles

Jessica Clements

Katherine Bone

Katherine Grant

Kathryn Le Veque

Lisa Rayne

Lori Ann Bailey

Maddison Michaels

Madeline Martin

Michelle McLean

MK Robert

Nicole Locke

Rachel Ann Smith

Ruth A. Casie

Samantha Grace

Sandra Sookoo

Tara Kingston

Terri Brisbin

Tracy Sumner


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From The Teatime Tattler


Expressly for The Teatime Tattler

The Teatime Tattler has just confirmed that Lady Katherine Thornton has laid her uncle, Bennett Sutton to rest in the family mausoleum. It is with a great deal of hunting and pecking that this reporter has found some shocking information. Bennett Sutton was murdered in the most dreadful manner. He was poisoned with snake venom, a venom that has no antidote.

It has also come to my attention that before his demise, Mr. Sutton made his business partner, the very eligible and handsome Lord Ian Wallace, the 4th Duke of Blackhall, vow to marry his niece, Lady Katherine, not once, but twice. I also have reliable information from Mr. Hawkins, the editor of the Sommer Sentinel that he’s been contacted by the London Gazette regarding a statement in that was published in said publication regarding His Grace’s vow. It seems, London is abuzz with gossip and mothers and their debutante daughters are in mourning.

I wonder if that is why Lord Ryder Whitaker has been seen in town. You remember the young rogue. Five years ago, when Lady Katherine had her first (and only) Season in London, he was her constant companion. The queen’s Diamond, everyone thought Lord Whitaker had won her heart until one day she got up and returned to Sommer-by-the-Sea. Has the rake renewed his interest knowing Lord Wallace will take her for his wife? The young cad is outranked in so many ways. I understand he is not welcome in any home of good standing, nor the gambling hells.

My sources have not rested. To add to this mix, I have it on very good authority that prior to the duel gone wrong that took her uncle’s life, Sutton lost the deed to Thornton Abbey to His Grace in a card game. I can only imagine what will happen when the very outspoken Lady Katherine finds out she’s lost her home and her independence to His Grace, a man she’s never met, all in one fell swoop.

Can all this get sorted out to a happily ever after? Read on my friends. I hear there are swords and kidnappings involved as well.

 * Previously printed in the July 6th edition of The TeaTime Tattler

The Lady and Her Duke

Could she use her skills as a lockpick to crack open the secrets to the murder as well as unlock his heart?

Lady Katherine Thornton has no interest in men after an indiscretion at her disastrous Season in London. No man can be trusted. Instead, she indulges in her fascination for gears and all things mechanical. Her unique drafting skill is an asset to her uncle Bennett Sutton, who is automating his textile factory. She doesn't need anything else.

Lord Ian Wallace, the 4th Duke of Blackhall, is a retired military officer. An accidental duke after the deaths of his father and brother, he retreats from society and the clawing mothers and debutantes who stalk him. He’s focused all his energy on his partnership with Sutton. He’s satisfied and needs nothing else.

An oath to marry, a family legend to preserve, an uprising of the factory workers, and Sutton’s murder, throw Katherine and Wallace together to find a blackmailer and murderer. They also will find two things neither knew they were missing… each other and their happily ever after.

Now Available  Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Excerpt from Chapter One

June 20, 1815
Royston Mills, Baycliff Woods 

The blast of a pistol shattered the quiet afternoon. Shouts and screams rose, their sound carrying into the surrounding area. In a clearing by the lake where the wood bordered the village, the shock and chaos subsided into a deafening silence.

Lord Ian Wallace knelt next to his business partner, Bennett Sutton. His bruised and bloody face was a mess of soot and gunpowder. Wallace glanced over his shoulder, signaling his valet.

“Water. Quick. His eyes need to be flushed.” Wallace wavered between restraint and rage as he ministered to Sutton. “Stay calm and whatever you do, keep your eyes closed.” His hands ran over Sutton’s torso checking for injuries. He found none, other than the small tremors he assumed were from shock.

“I’m dying.” Sutton spoke not in disbelief, but in resignation, as if his dying was an undisputed conclusion.

Wallace’s chest tightened at the sound of those words. He had heard them before from the injured men he commanded in Spain. For a moment he was back on the battlefield going from man to man comforting them, waiting for medical attention and, in too many cases, saying good-bye.

“Swear to me.” Sutton, agitated and breathing hard, reached up and grabbed his lapel. “Swear to me you’ll marry my niece, Ivy-Rose.”

What niece? Sutton had a niece?

“Swear it!”

“Yes, yes. I swear.” In a fit of rage, he’d say anything to escape from the madman. It was luck that Sutton’s gun misfired. He gazed at his friend and partner in disbelief. From the moment his valet pulled him to the ground he found it difficult to comprehend why his friend and partner tried to kill him, tried to shoot him in the back.

Sutton tugged on his lapels. “No, on your honor as a gentleman. Swear it.” Another tug. Bennett’s strength was waning.

Wallace’s anger softened. The man had to be kept calm. Roddy, his foreman, and Lord Ryder Whitaker had gone to fetch Dr. Price. The doctor had left the clearing when Sutton called off the duel.

“Swear it.” The man sounded as if it was his last breath.

“As a gentleman, I, Lord Ian Wallace, 4th Duke of Blackhall, promise to marry your Ivy-Rose.” He bent closer to him. “Is that better?”

Sutton released his lapels and slumped onto the ground, his breath coming in spurts.

Lenard returned carrying a basin of warm water.

Wallace stood aside and gave his valet room. They had been together a long time. Lenard was his personal attendant at Cambridge as well as in Spain during the war. Together they had seen worse. Now he flushed the gunpowder and soot out from Sutton’s eyes. It would serve Sutton right if the pain was unbearable.

“Much better.” Sutton’s voice faded to a calm stillness.

Wallace wasn’t sure if his partner referred to the oath he gave or the warm water.

“Your Grace. I cannot find any wound.” Lenard kept streaming water over the man’s face.

The battlefield images flashed in his head. Some had outcomes that were more severe than others. But that was war, not a card game gone wrong.

“God’s blood, where is that doctor?” He glanced about.

Sutton raised his face to Lenard as the man ran more water over him and, with a gentle touch, wiped him dry.

“You have my thanks.” Quiet at last, Sutton winced when he tried to lay down on the ground.

“Over here, Dr. Price.” Whitaker and Roddy led the doctor to the injured man.

“I thought Sutton had the good sense to call off the duel.” Dr. Price pushed his way in front of Wallace. “Where did your bullet hit him?”

“I never fired my weapon.” Wallace stood back to let the doctor do his job.

“His pistol misfired when he aimed at Wallace’s back.” Whitaker stepped forward. “I stood in shock when he raised his pistol and took aim.”

The doctor, on his knees, paused and glanced up at him.

“That’s not at all like Sutton. Wallace, what did you say to him?” The doctor resumed examining Sutton’s head.

“Not a thing. I convinced him to call off this ridiculous duel. I thought to give him time and hoped he’d have more sense in the morning. I was leaving the clearing, not far behind you when the shot went off.”

“There are some abrasions from the powder blast and irritation from the gunpowder, but no wound.” Price examined Sutton’s hands. Scrapes, a bit of a burn in places, but nothing fatal. “Sutton’s a lucky man.”

The doctor stood up cleaning his hands with a cloth from his bag.

“Help me bring him to my carriage. We’ll take him to the inn. I want to watch him until tomorrow rather than have him brought back to Sommer-by-the-Sea now.”

Roddy and Lenard lifted Sutton, made their way through the gathered onlookers, and laid him in the back of the doctor’s carriage.

“There’s room enough for you and me up here.” Roddy tapped Lenard and pointed next to the driver.

“I can go with them if you prefer.” Whitaker stood next to him. “I know you’re the man’s partner, but no one would blame you for washing your hands of him.”

“That won’t be necessary. I’ll go with him. I’m staying at the inn.” Wallace got in the carriage still thinking through the events. He agreed with Dr. Price: this wasn’t at all like Sutton.

The door closed, Whitaker signaled the driver, and the carriage pulled away.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into him.” Wallace stared at Sutton propped up on the seat across from him.

“I’ve known that man since he was a boy and agree this is out of character for him. But don’t you worry, Your Grace. We’ll have him all to rights soon enough.”

The carriage pulled up to Weaver’s Inn. News of the incident traveled faster than he imagined. More onlookers buzzed about them like a swarm of angry bees. Wallace led the way for Lenard and Roddy to bring Sutton up the stairs to his room.

“I’ll stay with him for a while. Head injuries can be nasty.” Dr. Price stood over his patient and checked Sutton’s breathing again.

“Ale for you both and watered ale for Mr. Sutton.” Lenard put the tankards on the table. “Your Grace, I have the papers you gave me earlier. I’ll put them in your room.”

“I’ll take them. I can review the documents while I sit with him.” Wallace nodded toward Sutton.

“If that will be all, I’ll be in the tavern if you need me.” Lenard put the folio on the table.

“I’ll go with you.” Roddy looked at the patient lying in the bed and shook his head. The two men left and closed the door behind them.

Dr. Price sat at the table and took a tankard of ale. “How did this start?”

Wallace sat next to the doctor and reached for the second tankard.

“I found him troubled over several issues when I came up from London. He was in a fit over worker demands. He also expected a sizeable amount of fleece, but instead received a smaller delivery than promised.

“I had an issue to discuss with him, but in his state I knew it would be impossible. I thought to divert his attention, a game of cards to take his mind off everything. Once he was himself, we could address the business problems and go over my visit to Cambridge. But Sutton drank too much, took risks no man in his right mind would take, and lost miserably.”

“And his mood went from bad to worse.” Dr. Price glanced at his patient, shook his head, and took a draw on the tankard.

“Yes, it did. I was at a loss what to do. Sutton wouldn’t stop playing despite losing one game after another. I couldn’t imagine the situation getting any worse, but it did.

“I dealt the cards. How Sutton preened like a peacock, so sure the winning hand was his. He drank and taunted me. He drained his flask dry and had Mr. Jackson fill it to the top. I was astounded when the deed to his home landed on the table.”

“His cards...” The doctor closed his eyes and moaned.

“A beginner would know better than to bet on the cards Sutton held. He had no chance of winning.” Wallace let out a strained laugh. “I conceded defeat and laid my cards face down, but Sutton demanded to see them. I refused. He reached across the table and turned them over. Then he went mad. Sutton grabbed a pen from the bar, sat down, and started writing. I stayed his hand. I didn’t want his home. I thought to entice him with the best two out of three games, but he refused. I pay my debts.”

“Sutton is a proud man and a man of his word. But I’ve never known him to be this reckless.” Price sat back, his legs out in front of him, staring at the tankard in his hand.

“Man of his word. We wouldn’t be here if our workers believed him. I told them over and over the new mechanicals would not replace them. But fear does strange things to people. If things go as Sutton and I plan, there will be more work for more people and more money, not less.

“I offered to speak with the workers and explain the plan. That’s when Sutton exploded. I tried my best to calm him, but now I understand. Sutton didn’t calm down during the game. If anything, his card playing was more intense, more erratic, more irrational.” He stared at his partner. “My strategy to calm him with the card game did the opposite. It pushed him over the edge.”

“Don’t blame yourself. From what you’ve told me, Sutton was already agitated. It wasn’t one thing. It was everything.”

“My partner accused me of siding with the workers and called me out in front of everyone demanding satisfaction. A duel.” Wallace glanced at the doctor. The incident still beyond belief. “I refused. I told him I had enough of weapons in Spain. Businessmen didn’t settle disputes with weapons. To everyone’s horror, he slapped my face. I remember his odd smirk, daring me to ignore the affront.

Choose your weapon. I refused. Pistols. You didn’t think I’d want to be near you with a blade. At least with a pistol I have a fighting chance.

“I still didn’t give up.

“All the way to the field and even when we arrived, I tried to dissuade him. I would have gladly shot myself to put an end to his stupidity. At last, the fight went out of him. You witnessed how we called off the duel, shook hands, and sent everyone home. Sutton was still holding his loaded pistol. I told him to take his anger out on the red maple tree, the one by the lake.” He paused and glanced at Sutton. “I thought he came to his senses.”

“That is how I remember the morning.” Dr. Price nodded.

“I turned to leave with the others, only to hear Sutton’s pistol discharge. Lenard pulled me to the ground. When we got to our feet, it was Sutton who was down.

* * * *

The Lady and Her Duke is book 3 of the regency series, The Ladies of Sommer-by-the-Sea

·         The Lady and Her Quill - 

Her mind kept telling her to stop loving him, but her heart couldn’t let him go.

·         The Lady and the Spy

      With each encounter her heartbeat quickened. With each encounter his need for her 
      grew  stronger

·         The Lady and her Duke.

                         Could she use her skills as a lockpick to crack open the secrets to the murder as well as
                         unlock his heart

About the Author

Ruth A Casie is a USA Today bestselling author. She writes historical adventures from the shores of medieval Scotland to the cobblestone streets of Regency London. Her stories embrace strong women and the men who deserve them. Within the pages you’ll discover ‘edge-of-your-seat’ suspense, mind boggling drama, and heart melting emotions. Grab your favorite cup of tea, or an ale if you prefer, and join her heroes and heroines as they race across the pages to find their happily ever after. 
She lives in New Jersey with her hero, three empty bedrooms and a growing number of incomplete counted cross-stitch projects. Before she found her voice, she was a speech therapist (pun intended), client liaison for a corrugated manufacturer, and vice president at an international bank where she was a product/ marketing manager, but her favorite job is the one she’s doing now—writing romance. Ruth hopes her stories become your favorite adventures.
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