Sunday, July 28, 2013

With this ring, I thee change ~ a post by Lynn Kellan

With this ring, I thee change

He was six and a half feet of burly muscle when I met him in college. The strong, silent type…and very smart. Irresistible. I made him laugh, he made me feel pretty—a perfect combination, but I saw problems looming in our future. He grew up on a farm. I grew up in the suburbs. Every time we visited his family, I had to deal with the horses. 
From a distance, horses are beautiful creatures. Up close, they’re huge. They have large, heavy hooves and massive teeth. The first time my brawny boyfriend hoisted me into a saddle, I had a startling revelation: horses have opinions. A thousand pound animal with an opinion isn’t a good thing, particularly when it’s between your legs. During that first horse ride, my hunky guy steered his horse left and mine went right, no matter how hard I sawed on the reins. 
Pleading didn’t work. Muttering equine insults didn’t work. Breaking into a flop sweat didn’t work. My guy spurred his horse our way, and took the reins. I thanked him, slid off the horse, and walked home. 
He married me anyway. Perhaps he took the chance because I’m an optimist. I keep thinking the next time I mount a horse, things will be different. Indeed, after twenty-four years, I finally stayed on a horse for an hour’s ride on vacation…and only broke into a flop sweat once. 
How has your significant other changed you? 

Guest poster Lynn Kellan writes contemporary romance for The Wild Rose Press. Her latest novella, Anything You Ask, is available now.

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