Monday, July 22, 2013

Interview with Author Reese Ryan

We have a real treat today, we are part of the release day happenings we have an interview (with a giveaway) with fellow Carina Press author Reese Ryan. Her book, Making the First Move, releases today, July 22.

Tell us about Making the First Move.
It’s a friends-to-lovers contemporary romance about two people struggling with the past in a way that jeopardizes their futures—as individuals and as a couple. Melanie Gordon has spent the past several years throwing herself into her work after the death of her father and a devastating  breakup.  As a result, she excels in her career, but her romantic life and her family relationships suffer. Raine Mason is a sexy, selfless philanthropist with a passion for his cause. But the dark secret he’s harboring threatens to destroy his chance of finding happiness with Melanie.
Tell us how you build your characters? Do you write character bios? Cast the characters?
The situation that forms a loose plot usually comes to me first. Then I start to envision the kind of character who would be in this situation. Ideally I’d like to do a character sketch first, but I never do. I need to begin writing the story so I get to know the character a little. For this book I then went on to create a detailed character chart for Raine and Melanie. It helped me understand who they were and how they’d react in a given situation. However, for the related book which will be released in December I followed Cherry Adair’s advice about picking a birthday for the character and then creating a personality chart based on it. That worked really well and I plan to use that method going forward.
Are you a plotter or a panster?
I once thought I was a pure pantser. But after listening to an interview with author Kimberla Lawson Roby I decided to give outlining a try. I’ve discovered that I’m a little plotter, a little pantser. I need the structure of a loose outline or synopsis, but the freedom to break the rules whenever I—or the characters—see fit. The hybrid approach works best for me.
What attracted you to writing contemporary romance? 
I write romantic fiction because I’m a hopeless romantic and I enjoy going along for the journey as two characters fall in love. I write contemporary fiction because if I started researching clothing, food, and furniture from past centuries or imagining future worlds I’d probably never get around to actually writing the story.
What are your favorite scenes to write?
I enjoy writing the witty banter between the hero and heroine. As a reader, I need to feel the attraction before I can buy into it. So I enjoy creating the slow seduction.  As a fan of Jane Austen and Louisa May Alcott, I also really enjoy creating crazy family dynamics.
What do you want your readers to take away with them after reading the story?
Two things. First, don’t be afraid to re-examine your goals to see if they are really what you want, rather than what you think you should. Second, forgiveness is powerful salve which we often deny ourselves. Don’t. Without it we can’t truly move forward. Learn the lessons of the past. Make amends. Allow that knowledge to guide future actions.
Do you have any words of advice or encouragement for aspiring authors?
Despite all of the changes in publishing, this is a time of tremendous opportunity for authors. But no matter which route you decide to take—traditional, e-first, self-publishing—learn as much as you can. Continue to improve your craft. Put out the best possible product.
What are you working on next?
I just completed a related book featuring the best friend character in Making the First Move—Jamie Charles. Both books are standalones, but Jamie’s story—tentatively titled Love Me Not—actually takes place prior to this one. We get to watch her and her love interest—Miles Copeland—fall in love and we delve more deeply into her troubled past.  Jamie is a much different character. Darker, grittier. So it’s a much edgier book though it’s also funny and the romance between them is touching. It was wonderful getting into her and Miles’s heads and helping them reach their happy ending.
Do you have an ebook reader? If so, which one?
I was originally one of those diehards that proclaimed I’d never own an e-reader. But then I got an Android phone and started using the Kindle app. I was hooked. This past Christmas I received a Kindle Fire HD and the number of books I’ve read since then has increased dramatically. I LOVE my Kindle.
Tell us a little about the state/country you live in.
I’m a native Ohioan, but four years ago my family moved to Central North Carolina. We absolutely love living here and enjoy the friendly folks and lush greenery. We spend a lot of time lounging by the pool, walking or biking the greenways, or kayaking. But Cleveland is still definitely home and most of my stories are set there. However, expect to see a few stories in the near future set here in North Carolina.
What are you reading now?
Sexcapades by fellow Carina Press author, Christine d’Abo and The Man in 3B by Carl Weber—which is the first print book I’ve read in a while.
What is your favorite quote?
There are two quotes I really love. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe.
Where can you find Making the First Move
Making the First Move is available at Carina Press, Amazon, Barnes&Nobel, and Audible
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Reese Ryan writes sexy, contemporary romance featuring a multicultural cast of flawed, but lovable characters. She secretly enjoys torturing her heroines with family and career drama, reformed bad boys, revealed secrets, and the occasional identity crisis, but always rewards them with supportive girlfriends and a happily ever after.
An avid reader, Reese's to-be-read stack resembles a small skyscraper. She adores brilliant singer/songwriters, and has an incurable addiction to musicals and movie soundtracks. A native Ohioan, she currently resides in Central North Carolina with her husband and young adult son who tolerate her propensity to sing and dance badly. Visit Reese online at Reese's BlogTwitter, Facebook, and Goodreads


  1. Congratluations, Reese, on your debut novel. Already bought the book.

    Also nice interview, Ruth. I'm thrilled to see so much support for Reese around the blogosphere.

  2. Thanks, Ruth! It's always fun to talk about character development, and to discover the processes other writers use.