Monday, August 14, 2017

Medieval Monday Blog Hop - First Encounter - Lane McFarland

Happy Medieval Monday! Our author exchange is about our hero and heroine's first encounter. Today I'm hosting Lane McFarland with a snippet from her book, Elisabeth

     Someone beat the dark wood again. If a traveler trapped in the storm sought shelter, she couldn't deny sanctuary and leave them in the fierce squall. With a deep breaths she shoved the iron bolt to the right and eased open the door.
     A just of wind buffeted the heavy door and shoved it against her body. The turbulent storm swirled a blanket of snow, and stinging ice crystals pelted her eyes. She held up a hand to shield her face and quieted into the court yard.

     Book III in The Daughters of Alastair MacDougall Series

Elsbeth MacDougall recoils at the violent Scottish rebellion and the bleak flight of orphans. Vowing to protect the homeless, she embarks on a journey to Scone and set her course to become a nun, sheltering children from the cruelties of war. But when Brandon McLeod arrives at the Abby, he shakes her convictions and stirs provoking emotions she buried long ago.

After English soldiers murder his family, Brandon McLeod determines a course of revenge and leads numberous clans in Scotland's fight for freedom. Bend on the annilihaltion of English oppression, he sis resolved to a life of solitude, vowing never to marry and chance the pain of losing one's loved ones again. However, that was before he met the enchanting Elsbeth.

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You can read my snippet on Lane's blog,

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