Friday, December 9, 2016

Books, Chocolate and Wine with Barbara White Daille

Snowbound with Mr. Wrong

Worst. Day. Ever.

After Lyssa Barnett’s sister tricks her into reprising her role at Snowflake Valley's annual children's party, she doesn’t think anything can be worse than squeezing into her too-small elf costume. Then tall, dark, and way too handsome Nick Tavlock shows up to play Santa…and an unexpected storm leaves them snowbound in the isolated lodge.

The last thing Nick wants is to spend a cozy Christmas Eve with a trio of kids and the woman who dumped him. But as much as Lyssa frustrates him, he can't stop thinking about her. And soon, he's fighting very un-Santa-like thoughts of kissing a certain sexy Miss Elf under the mistletoe. As Nick starts to fall for Lyssa all over again, he knows it will take nothing short of a miracle to have Lyssa in his arms on Christmas Day.

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“Miss Elf! Miss Elf!”

Lyssa’s arrival hadn’t gone unnoticed by the children in the room. She smiled and returned the greetings with her own cheery hellos.

The youngest kids gazed at her with wonderment in their eyes. The older ones gave smug grins at knowing her true identity. The adults smiled and pretended not to see her at all.

Suddenly, the loudest noise she’d heard yet cut through the din. The bellow came from a sturdy, well-padded individual with a white beard and a fur-trimmed red suit, who shouted his familiar “Ho, ho, ho.”

No, no, no, Lyssa chanted silently. It can’t be.

But that voice…she could have picked that voice out from among any Santas, anywhere. Her vision blurred, filling with twinkling lights though she wasn’t anywhere near the Christmas tree. She knew her face had turned as white as Santa’s fake beard.

No wonder Amber had wanted a moment alone with Miss Elf. Amber always rounded up the volunteers for the Christmas party. She knew exactly who was inside that Santa suit. The man Lyssa had met and played assistant to at last year’s party. The man she didn’t want to be near now.

Instead, she felt herself towed along by her pintsized escorts, aided by the sea of children flowing around all three of them. With growing horror, she saw her every reluctant but inevitable step bringing her closer to Santa Claus, the jolly old elf she’d split up with this summer. The one she had hoped never to see again.

The man who—no matter what fibs she’d told Amber—had well and truly broken her heart.


“There is a reason Ms. White Daille’s novels are on my list of must read books and this novel is a prime example. Treat yourself to an early present; pick up a copy of SNOWBOUND WITH MR. WRONG today and lose yourself in a story that is sure to lift your spirits and leave you smiling.” - Romance Junkies - 4.5 hearts

"With dashes of comedy, holiday fun and romance, Snowbound with Mr. Wrong is the right book to read this holiday season." - N.N. Light Author Promotions – 5 Stars

"Barbara White Daille has a great sense of humor. Snowbound with Mr. Wrong is both funny and romantic. It's a great combination for a perfect Christmas story." - Suzanne V. Reviewer – 5 Stars

About the Author

Barbara White Daille wrote her first short story at the age of nine, then typed "The End" to her first novel many years the eighth grade. Now she's writing contemporary romance on a daily basis, with a brand-new series from Entangled Bliss (Snowflake Valley), an ongoing series from Harlequin Western Romance (The Hitching Post Hotel), and many more books on the schedule.

She would love to have you stop by her website and to look for her on Facebook and Twitter.

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