Thursday, November 24, 2022

X Marks the Spot!!! - Winner Announced!!


Ahoy, Kaisquare. You are the winner. Please send me a direct message or contact me at

You’ve reached the

Ruth A. Casie's Jolly Roger

Treasure Hunt.

Chose the correct cave to find the treasure.

                 Cave #1                                              Cave #2                                           Cave #3

There is a treasure buried deep in one of these caves. Find the hidden puzzle and the prize could be yours.

Find the right cave, solve the puzzle, and enter the time it took you to complete it in the comments below. 

The prize...

One US winner will receive signed copies of each of my five pirate books

  • The Pirate's Jewel
  • The Pirate's Redemption
  • Hugh: Sons of Sagamore
  • Graham: Sons of Sagamore
  • Donald: Sons of Sagamore
Five international winners will receive a signed bookplate and swag.

Winners will be randomly selected from the comments below. For an extra chance to win, join my Facebook reader's group, Casie's Café.


  1. It took me 23 minutes, which is a long time for me. Of course, I was chasing 2 grandchildren while doing the puzzle 😊