Monday, May 3, 2021

Medieval Monday with Bambi Lynn - Excerpt #13


Welcome back to Medieval Monday! This is week thirteen of the new round of authors, snippets, and fun. Our spring theme is the first kiss. Today I am hosting Jenna Jaxon and her terrific story, A Knight in Rusted Armor.

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Let me catch you up. Allys and Thorin are at odds with each other. There is a silk thread that drags them together but, well both are independent and stubborn. Allys is on a picnic with Paul and has asked for a kiss. What is her plan? What is the outcome? What does his kiss prove? I must know what happens next!

Excerpt #13

Mais, non. It is just that I...I mean, you...” He gave up any hope of sounding logical, so he leaned over and gave in to her request, gave in with much enthusiasm.

Allys waited for the tingling feeling to pass from Paul’s lips to her own. 


She pulled away and frowned at him. “Try this,” she said before tilting her head the other way and kissing him again.

This time when she pulled away in confusion Paul grabbed her hand and kissed the palm. “Cherie,” he whispered as he held her palm against his cheek. “I have longed to kiss your lips. They are like cool water to a man dying of thirst.”

A Knight in Rusted Armor
by Bambi Lynn

                                   Duty is the essence of manhood.

Allys Stone would risk repute as a ruined woman to gain control of her life. Thorin Svenson would battle the most skilled knights in the realm to win her. Theirs is a love story of fairy tales and wild passion, a battle of wills as well as brawn.

 Allys wants to choose her own husband, one who loves life and laughter as much as she does. One who considers her a partner instead of a possession. She has never had any choice but to live by her father’s decisions, and now he’s offering her as grand prize in a tournament.

 Thorin must win the hand of a nobleman’s daughter to regain the wealth and position of his family. Consumed by guilt, he will risk his very life to win. Not even her attempts to sabotage his victory will get in his way.




  1. He's no Thorin, that's for sure! Oh, Allys! This chapter and the following are some of my favorite in the book. :) Happy Medieval Monday, Bambi and Ruth!

  2. Yup. Like kissing her brother, it seems. Great snippet, Bambi! Wishing you and Ruth a lovely Medieval Monday.

  3. I'm Team Thorin! All...the...way! Happy Medieval Monday, Ladies!