Monday, April 5, 2021

Medieval Monday with Anastasia Abboud - Excerpt 9


Welcome back to Medieval Monday! This is week nine of the new round of authors, snippets, and fun. Our spring theme is the first kiss. Today I am hosting Anastasia Abboud and her wonderful story, Tremors.

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Let me catch you up. Deidre and Lachlann are leaving a Texas Renaissance Festival. The experience brings up traumatic memories for Lachlann he cannot explain to Deidre who is seeking answers. So… will he reveal the to her?

Excerpt 9

Sighing, she leaned back against her car.

“I’m no expert,” she said softly. “I don’t have a lot of experience or success to draw from. But I can tell you what I’ve observed in my studies.”

Moving beside her, he leaned back and crossed his arms.

“Go on.”

“It seems that all through the centuries, since the very beginning, the universal desire, what people live for…” She paused. “It sounds cliché, but...”

He waited.

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Anastasia Abbound

In the infinite vastness of time – past, present, future, past – love would prevail.

A Norse farmer crashes into this century from fourteenth-century Scotland. How did it happen? Why did he escape the plague when the rest of his family died? He should have died with them.

Three years later, Lachlann is no closer to the truth. His body has healed. He has a job and a place to lay his head at night. He has even learned a little modern English. If he could just figure out how to go back, he might be able to save his family, save his son. But he still can’t read, is still tormented by throbbing headaches and nightmares. Maybe he died after all. Maybe he’s in hell.

But would there be an angel in hell?

Deidre became a medieval history professor because of a treasured family heirloom, the medieval drawing of a farmer that she loved since childhood. Too bad she couldn’t have married him instead of the lying, vicious cheat who had almost ruined her life. Almost.

With a new life in a new city, she has moved forward. She doesn’t need anyone, especially a man. But she can’t seem to ignore her new neighbor, a gorgeous giant with a strange accent, haunted eyes, and a shocking resemblance to her medieval ploughman.

How can she erase the tormented look in his eyes? If only he would confide in her. 

But is she prepared to do the same? To explain how she lost everything – her job, her family, her self-respect – because of her own, poor choices?

And why does she have the feeling that she could lose it all again?

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