Sunday, February 14, 2021

Love of the Sweetest Kind


Several Valentine Day’s ago, I was in the midst of writing a book. In order to get the right pace, patter, and passion I had Word read several iterations of the same paragraph. Every once in a while, my resident hero would walk by my office and recite what he heard and comment. He made me laugh.

As we got close to dinner time and my pots were all cold (creative credit to Santana), we went out to dinner at our favorite hamburger joint.

When I put the menu down there was a card in front of me. My hero is thoughtful, witty, supportive, and so much more, but Valentine’s Day is just not his thing. The card really made me smile and I hadn’t opened it. When I did, I was full out laughing.

What do you think?

Love of the Sweetest Kind

“Here?” she whispered to him sweetly.

“We’re alone,” he said discreetly.

“I’ve been good till now!” she sighed.

“But you’re human!” he replied.

“It’s so big!” she hesitated.

“It’s all yours,” he proudly stated.

“Oh, I shouldn’t!” she protested.

“If you love me -!” he suggested.

And so, losing all resistance,

she gave in to his insistence …


and ate every single chocolate in the box!

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!


A special thank you to my hero and Hallmark Cards.

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