Monday, January 13, 2020

Medieval Monday with Bambi Lynn

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year. I still have leftovers frozen in my freezer. Kitty has prepared a wonderful feast, a thanksgiving for Marek and his people. So far, she’s also given each a small token, a gift. What does she have in store for Adin and Vale?
Adin and Vale were enveloped in ladies, so Kitty decided their gifts could wait. Vale would not need his bullet-proof vest for several months yet. Adin would have years to perfect his technique with help from the pristine copy of The Karma Sutra she’d gotten him.

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MAREK by Bambi Lynn
Boring accountant, Kitty Petty, struggles to get through each day one at a time since the brutal murder of her husband. She spends every free moment caring for her young daughter, until the night she wakes to find her bed on fire.
Kitty doesn’t know how she got to the year 1196, much less how to get back. But if she doesn’t, her daughter will be institutionalized. Having failed to save her child from the clutches of a madman. Kitty vows to protect her future. But going back to her time means risking her own life and separating her from the knight she has grown to love.
Marek Stone wants to protect his wife from the people of Stonebridge. Katherine has been declared a demon after her miraculous rise from the funeral pyre, and the villagers want justice.
Kitty must return if she has any hope of saving her daughter. However, the knight who loves her will do anything to make her stay.
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  1. Interesting snippet, Bambi. I wonder how the men will react to their gifts. :) Happy Medieval Monday.

  2. Intriguing gifts, Bambi. Happy Medieval Monday!