Monday, November 25, 2019

Medieval Monday with Sherry Ewing

To Love A Scottish Laird: De Wolfe Back Connected World

Forced to marry on the whim of the Duke of Normand doesn’t sit well with our hero even though he is entranced by his intended. They’ve only just met. Here is the second excerpt of To Love A Scottish Laird: De Wolfe Back Connected World.
Sometimes you really can fall in love at first sight…
Lady Catherine de Wolfe knows she must find a husband before her brother chooses one for her, but none of the knights and lords she knows have caught her eye. A tournament to celebrate the wedding of the Duke of Normandy might be her answer. She does not expect to fall for a man after just one touch.
 Laird Douglas MacLaren of Berwyck is invited to the tournament by the Duke of Normandy. He goes to ensure Berwyck’s safety once Henry takes the throne. He does not expect to become entranced by a woman who bumps into him.
 Before they can express their feelings, the Duke orders them wed to strengthen ties between his English supporters and the borderland, and then separates them by commanding Douglas’s escort to his home.
Yet, nothing is ever quite that simple. Not everyone is happy with the union of this English lady and a Scottish laird. From the shores of France, to Berwyck Castle on the border between their countries, Douglas and Catherine must find their way to protect their newfound love.
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Excerpt Week 2
Still… He could imagine the grim encounter that was sure to follow between him and the lady, for he had the distinct impression Catherine would in no way be pleased with the turn of events any more than he was. There was no question as to her appeal, especially when their previous conversations left him with the need to plunge himself into a cold stream in order to sate the desire she sparked within him. She had a fiery nature, Douglas could see that for himself. What else might possibly lie behind her pretty face?
Would they be able to find common interests outside their bedchamber?
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  1. Wonderful snippet, Sherry. Looking forward to reading more. Happy Medieval Monday!

  2. Great snippet, Sherry! Wonder what will happen next...