Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Friday Book Bonanza!

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Thank you all for entering! Have a wonderful holiday.

Happy Black Friday! While you’re recuperating from eating, watching football and buying gifts (and I hope books), my family and I are celebrating Thanksgiving. Yes, on Friday. It’s a decision I made with the kids. They go to their in-laws on Thursday and they come to us on Friday… and stay until Sunday.

Our son Ari and his girlfriend Kate live in Boston. They come home for the weekend and since everyone wants to spend time with them, our daughters Staci and Cori and their families move back home for a family weekend even though they live thirty minutes away.

By the time they come here they’ve had their fill of turkey. I get to serve something more creative… Okay, the truth is the family insists on the same menu every year. No surprises. The year I swapped out the green beans for Brussel sprouts almost led to an uprising. They decided I’m allowed to add but not take away the beef brisket, leg of lamb, sweet potato soufflĂ©, noodle pudding or mulled apple cider. Cori has added her signature dish, butternut squash soup. Staci makes garlic mashed potatoes. Kate brings the apple pie and cookies. Everyone arrives early and helps in the kitchen.

Thank goodness they all come with their own plastic containers to take the left overs when they leave. I’ve been known to make extra portions so no one leaves empty handed.

We spend lots of time watching movies, playing games and eating. Last year Staci’s children Olivia and Alex decided to entertain us with air guitars and karaoke.  This year we have a new addition. Caylee, Cori and Chris’ new baby has joined the family.

It continues for the weekend. After our Sunday brunch we divy up the left overs and everyone packs up. Cori, Chris and Caylee will need to get home in time for a nap. Staci has lesson plans to write and needs to get the Olivia and Alex ready for school. Ari and Kate start their trek back to Boston.

It’ll quiet after they all leave, but I’ll have just enough time to get online and order everyone’s holiday presents. We only have three weeks before the kids will be back and we can do it all over again for Hanukkah/Christmas. Maybe I’ll change up the menu and make chicken or salmon. Nah, why change a good thing. It’s perfect just the way it is.

To celebrate the holiday, I'm giving away a free ebook of my story, Happily Ever After to three lucky winners. Click to enter for your chance to win.

Happy Holiday everyone!

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