Monday, February 13, 2017

Medieval Monday Blog Hop - Bambi Lynn

EXCERPT #2 – Lucan by Bambi Lynn
“Aye. Ye killed my father, Lucan Munro. Today is your day of reckoning.”
Lucan would have attacked him then, but a cry of sheer terror halted him where he stood. Angus Comyn stepped from the shadows. He had Neala in his clutches. Lucan’s heart fell. Angus held a knife beneath her chin. The sharp blade had nicked her and a trickle of her precious blood ran down her slender throat.

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Neala Comyn, wife of a powerful laird, wants to end the pain and suffering of an abusive marriage. She is a woman without hope, believing God has forsaken her. When she is kidnapped by a rival laird who claims to be a god himself, her faith is further shaken. Could Lucan Munro be the salvation she has prayed for? Or will her sins condemn her to eternal damnation?
Lucan Munro, has the power of a Celtic god. He can conjure his heart’s desire from thin air. But can he save the woman he loves from a demon hell-bent on claiming her soul?

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