Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wednesday Selfie ~ Let It Snow

Some people love the warmth of the summer while others love the cold of the winter. Me? I love the blooming flowers and trees of spring, coming out of hibernation. I love the long days of the summer, eating outside and family vacations. I love the colors of the fall. My anniversary’s in the fall. I love th holidays in winter, hot chocolate and carbohydrate binges. I love snow—in moderation.

We were prepared for the blizzard. We stocked up on food. I made a stew and meatloaf in advance. They’re always better a day or two after they’re made. The house smelled warm and inviting.
We dug out the hats, scarves and gloves. Paul, my DH, started up the snow blower and made sure we had fuel.

Have you ever noticed how quiet it is when it snows? How clean and bright things look? It’s almost like a fairy land.  We went to bed Friday night to flurries and woke up Saturday and watched it fall, and fall, and fall. The snow stopped about 9pm and Paul made a small path to the door. He took the picture to send to our kids.

On Sunday we (mostly Paul) spent seven hours shoveling (you can’t see the double car driveway to the right). We had nearly twenty inches of snow.

Paul, my DH, did the heavy lifting. He is my hero, love of my life, and the man of my dreams. Next to cleaning off the cars he was most appreciative of the hot cocoa (with whipped cream) I brought him and the aspirin I handed him when he came inside.  We decided we’re ready for spring. Hmmm… Warm weather.

So, let it snow. We leave for California on Thursday!


  1. A lovely scene--but look at the depth of the snow on each side of the path! Your poor DH must have been exhausted. What a guy. California in your near future? wow. Have a wonderful trip.

    1. There's so much snow he had no place to put it. The snow mountains along the street are four to five feet high. In the town municipal lot, the mountain reaches almost to the top of the lamp post.

      We're packing today :)

  2. I feel your pain. We didn't get that much in Utah, but we do often enough. It doesn't make the news when we do. being raised in California, I understand the shock of storms like this and how they suck your strength just to keep up with shoveling. Hugs. I'm glad that you got through it. Here's to Spring.

  3. Kudos to your husband. And to you for recognizing him as a hero.I live in Wyoming, where we get a fair amount of snow, but even we don't usually have to deal with this much (maybe every ten years or so). But our winters are very long. We had a blizzard last Mother's Day. So think of us then.

  4. Hi Mary -
    Mother's Day! Snow! Here I think of spring flowers for Mother's Day. Although I do remember a few years ago it snowing in April. Brrrr. Stay warm. Thanks for stopping by.