Sunday, January 22, 2012

Why I Like Medieval-Renaissance Heroes

My friend Joanna Chambers thinks that Regency men are the Uber Romance Hero. She gave me her top three reasons in a guest post in November. I agree Regency men look good, live in a world filled with titles, and appear to live a life of leisure.  I enjoy Mr. Darcy but Regency men are all too tame. Let me give you my top three reasons why I think Medieval-Renaissance knights are the best.
1. Appearance
Some enjoy the breeches, shiny boots, tight coats and acres of snowy white linen. I love the shirtless look of a well-defined chest and ripped abs. It speaks protection, comfort and well, truly, their great to look at. I enlarged my book cover to 8.5x11 and keep it posted next to my desk. Every so often, after his shower, my husband comes over in his towel and poses next it. He thanks me for not including his full face. We can both dream.
2. Ascendance
Knights were members of the noble class. Likely candidates were chosen at boyhood and trained. A lesser or unlikely man could aspire to knighthood and reach his dreams, if he is found worthy. Knights, their code of conduct and chivalry, "Protect the weak, defenseless, helpless, and fight for the general welfare of all," inspired literature and the foundation of courtship through the middle ages up until the turn of this century.  What would a romance be without a (k)night?
3. Adventure
Knighthood comes with its requirements: save the damsel in distress, right the wrongs, and do away with the villain. Of course there were trials he had to go through to prove himself worthy. Usually he would somehow loose his shirt giving the damsel a glimpse of those perfect pecks and adorable abs.
Knight, not only had to prove themselves worthy on the field of battle (for his king, the damsel or even for himself) but also learn how to balance the command and control needed to succeed with his own wants and desires. It's a lesson Lord Arik learns in Knight of Runes.
What do you think?  Regency heroes or Medieval-Renaissance Knights?  Or something entirely different? 


  1. So the medieval knight evolved into the Regency hero! I like both, in their time. Can't decide! Enjoyed the post...

  2. @Veronica Scott
    Hi -

    It really is a quandary. Thanks for stopping by.

    ... Ruth

  3. While I do like a Medieval Knight, I have to go with the Regency Rake. I think it's the contrast between the impeccable, buttoned up clothes and polite, restrained public manner with the wild, sexy man underneath.
    Jen Sampson

  4. @Anonymous

    Hi Jen!

    Hmm... good point. I could go for that too but my heart is really for the knight in shining armor.

    ... Ruth

  5. I'm a sucker for the Gothic romantic hero.

    Who could go past the damaged, brooding, in need of redemption but still has a sense of humour Mr. Rochester (well not me obviously).

  6. I'm with you! Give me a medieval hero any day. I'm almost in love with the heroes of my own medieval romance books.
    I enjoy a good regency, but I prefer men who coped with less "civilized" times.