Sunday, October 30, 2011


The candlelight flickered. The dancing flame threw eerie shadows on the wall. Cinnamon and pine fill the air with the aroma of autumn. The last of the residual heat is only a warm memory. I wrap the blanket around me a little tighter to stay the cold as best I can.
The storm that started in the morning still rages. The wind whips around the house, tossing the branches overloaded with heavy wet snow. Every now and then a sharp snap interrupts the quiet. A tree limb drops landing with a dull thud setting the loose snow flying.
For now the beauty and simplicity of the night are enough. I’ll catch up with things tomorrow when I have power and can boot up my computer. I’ve written today’s blog on my cell phone. I’ll go find Paul. He’s gone off into the other room.
Jeez, what will we do all night? Any auggestions?

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