Thursday, March 17, 2011


It started with a whisper. Denise said she was going to write a novel, a romance novel. That’s when I started thinking. Snippets of stories with dashing men, valiant women have always raced through my mind (I know, some call it daydreaming) only to fade. Denise’s whisper made me stop and think.

My daydreams have plots, goals, motivations, conflicts, romance, and a range of characters. So, I too started writing. How empowering to give my stories breath, watch the words fill page after page, and make the characters come to life. They became as dear to me as if they were real.  But that’s only part of my adventure.

For the last year, I’ve studied, taken workshops with some of the best romance writers, agents and editors in the industry, and worked hard to apply what I’ve learned. I’ve met wonderful people, published and unpublished the chapters and writing groups to which I belong as well as the classes I’ve taken.  A group of us even formed our own loop, Eliza’s Writing Divas.

There’s so much to tell you.  Where should I begin? Why don’t you tell me what you would like to hear. Wait, let me get a little closer. Whisper it in my hear …

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