Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wednesday Selfie ~ May The Force Be With You

During a quick visit from our son and his girlfriend (they live in Boston) at Halloween the family was together before the parties began. We talked about the upcoming Star Wars movie. I’ve enjoyed all the Star Wars movies, many times over, and the merchandising. But this time the movie merchandising was everywhere, car, bank, even yogurt commercials. There was so much hype that I was sure the movie would be a disappointment

We decided we would see the movie when everyone was together for the Chanukah. Our three children are grown and in their own houses. But at every holiday they all move back home. Everyone was excited about the movie, even our grandchildren. We all talked about our favorite parts. I asked my son’s girlfriend which Star Wars movie she liked best. After a pause she said she hadn’t seen any of the Star Wars movies.

The room went silent. The astounded look on my son’s face was priceless. He followed it up with quotes from the different films. He became a man on a mission. He put together a plan, a Star Wars marathon so she could catch up before they came back to New Jersey for the holidays. She was a great sport. 

Minions and Wookies for Halloween
Over the weeks between visits they watched each movie. We had a Chanukah dinner. We enjoyed opening our gifts. This year my daughters left early. I wondered if we would still get to the movies. After a quick Sunday breakfast we went to the theater and saw The Force Awakens in 3D. The movie was great. I had worried for nothing.

There’s been so much written about the Star Wars movies. It’s long been a wonderful example of Joseph Campbell’s The Heroes Journey, an average man who goes and achieved great deeds on behalf of the group through a series of adventures.  It’s a little David versus Goliath, redemption, faith in a bigger power and good winning over evil after overcoming great odds and sacrifices. Add to that the great gadgets, space ships and cool weapons and I’m hooked.

Why had my son (who is 30) been taken by this movie all those years ago? Was it the light saber he got after seeing The Return of the Jedi or sitting with his Dad and watching the other Star War movies? The lure of the story isn’t something that fades as you grow older. Watching the movies when you’re older you see it from an adult’s perspective on politics and relationships.

Our grandson has already asked for his uncle's jacket. Wait until he finds the light saber. It's still in my son's closet.

Did you see Star Wars? What did you like/not like about it?

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