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You might be wondering what I’m about. Sit back and let me tell you.

I’m happiest when I’m telling stories either chatting in a group or writing them down. I love to put my hero and heroine in tough situations and dare them to work it out—together, always together. They haven’t disappointed me.  Oh, they complain but in the end their love and relationships are stronger than ever.

While I keep tormenting my druid knight, I’m outlining a new series. The working title is the River of Time. It’s about an elite technology security officer, whose job is to eliminate time travelers, but falls in love with a time traveling art appraiser and has to choose between his duty and his one chance for a timeless love. I love this story line because it lets me stretch my contemporary voice while working in historic time periods. I think this is the best of both worlds.

For most of you, my contemporary side will be a surprise. Here are five other things you probably don’t know about me.

1.  I filled my passport up in one year.

I worked for a large financial institution and before webinars and Skype as a product manager I visited with clients and potential clients. My sales support program took me to almost every European country (sorry not Liechtenstein) as well as a good sampling in Asia and South America. Have I got some travel stories!

2.  I have a medieval romance story about the seven sons of a seventh son.

Only one book is published. The others are in various stages of draft. The heroine of the published book, The Guardian’s Witch, was born with veil over her face.  It’s called a caul. Throughout history, these caulbearers are believed to have a special purpose—to serve mankind, guide people to understand themselves and the world within which they live. Many cultures believe this makes the child “King by right” with special powers ranging from leadership abilities to natural healers and having greater insight. I was born with caul. I’m still trying to figure out my power.

3.  I did a rap to “How Many Trucks Can a Tow Truck Tow If a Tow Truck Could Tow Trucks.”

I was a guest reader at my son’s first grade class (he’s out of college and on his own now). I rapped the book while my son was my boom box. We had a great time.

4.  When I cook I dance.

Our kitchen isn’t large but ever since Paul (my DH) and I have taken ballroom dance lessons I practice between the fridge, the stove, and the table.

5.  My Sudoku book is in the bathroom.

I’m not saying anything else about that.

I’d love to hear from you. Catch me on Twitter at @RuthACasie, you can drop me a line at Ruth@RuthACasie.com or visit me on FaceBook at RuthACasie

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