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February 7 - Love
“You should have called me sooner. John told me none of his injuries appeared serious enough to make him this ill.” Lisbeth reached under the blanket and threaded her fingers through the soft hair of his torso to rest her hand on his bare chest. A sense of unease came over her. She pushed it aside for the moment. His breathing was shallow and slow but his heartbeat was strong. With her other hand she reached to lift his eye lid.
Alex’s eyes flew open. He captured her hand in midair and held it like a vise. Eyes like silver lightning stared at her. Caught off guard they pinned her in place.
She tilted her head and looked at his hand grasping hers. A tingling sensation worked its way from his grasp, up her arm, and morphed into a dizzying current. The room took on a golden haze as a shiver raced up her spine. A fleeting image of him crushing her in his embrace skittered across her mind. His soft breath heated something deep inside her as he moved his face closer to hers. Her heart thundered with anticipation. His soft firm lips kissed her eye lids and moved to her ear. Mine, he whispered. A delicious shudder ignited her body. He moved on to her lips and coaxed them open. His spicy scent swept over her. He captured his prize and swept in with his tongue in victory. Forever echoed in her head. She blinked and the haze was gone. Once again she stared into his magnetic eyes. Her lips throbbed with hunger for his. She dropped her lashes quickly to hide her disappointment that it was all a dream and gave herself a shake to rid herself of the final images.  
Under her palm that was still on his chest, she felt his swift intake of breath and quickened heartbeat. A quick and disturbing thought swept over her. Had he felt it too?
She lifted her hand from his chest and tried to retrieve that other from his grasp. He would not give it up. After a few silent moments he released her. His hand fell to the bed as if it were a dead weight. His eyes darkened as a new wave of agony overtook him.
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