Excerpt: Timeless Escapes: Second Chance by the Sea

She stood in the shallows, the water up to her knees. The muscles in her arms and legs screamed from over exertion. The adrenalin rush plummeted and left her exhausted. Through her large gulps of air she smiled the type of smile that would last a week. She swam the channel. She met the challenge.
“That was quite impressive.” He stood next to her and sluiced the water off his body.
Leaning over, her hands on her thighs, she held up one hand. One gulp of air, then another.
“Has anyone ever told you that you have a terrific smile?”
Still bent over, she turned her head and squinted at the lean muscular physique planted next to her. Her eyes traveled from his powerful legs, up to his ripped abs and came to a screeching halt at his Paul Newman blue eyes.
Her breath under control—well at least from the swim—she straightened.

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