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Books, Chocolate and Wine with Leigh Fleming

 I’d like to introduce you to Leigh Fleming. I’m honored to host Leigh’s first blog post. Her story is timed right for our political cycle, Washington politics, secrets and romance. I hope to have her back on Books, Chocolate and Wine often!
I am so excited to contribute to Books, Chocolate, and Wine! It’s my first ever guest blog post. Blogging does not come naturally to me, but story telling does. I recently read an article that claimed creative people tend to have messy offices and cluttered desks. As I sit at my cluttered desk in my messy windowless office, I wonder how it can be true. But, somehow nearly every day I walk down to my basement office (which doubles as a scrapbook room), fire up my desktop (I don’t write on a lap top), and escape to another world.
            Story ideas come to me in different ways. My first attempt at writing was spawned by my genealogy research in which I uncovered a bit of scandal in my family. I haven’t completed that book, but it is definitely something I plan to get back to soon. My first published book, Precious Words, (2013) came to me in a dream. I can’t say for sure from where the idea for my next book came, but likely from all the political news I hear each morning as I sip my tea. Ideas for scenes, characters, and settings can come from anywhere. So be warned: if you ever meet me, be careful what you tell me.
            My short career has had its ups and downs. After self-publishing my first book, I felt the need for some professional validation, so I spent four months in the fall of 2014 querying agents for my second book, Whatever You Call Me. In January, 2015, I signed with a literary agency convinced it would be just a matter of months before a traditional publisher offered me a sweet deal. I received lots of glowing responses and pretty words, but no deal. In the meantime, I continued writing and finished my third book, completed the first draft of a fourth, and began a fifth. A year and four months later, I still didn’t have a publishing deal and I’d lost faith in my agent. Determined to get my stories to print, I once again embarked on my own and am happy to announce Whatever You Call Me will be released September 20, 2016. It’s currently available for pre-sale on Amazon.
            I hope you enjoy the following back cover synopsis and excerpt:
Annie Cooper is fed up with Washington. More importantly, she’s done with being Senator George Cooper’s daughter and all the expectations that come with it.  She changes her name and tries to start fresh after quitting her job, but the only position she can find is in the political world she despises.
Kip Porter is a two-term congressman from a blue collar district along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay whose ambition leads him astray from the core values he—and his constituents—hold dear. He needs Senator Cooper’s backing to get his bill through the Senate and plans to use Annie to do it.

What starts out as a simple game of hidden identity soon becomes complicated. Annie wants to prove her worth on her own terms, but the closer she grows to Kip, the more she needs to come clean. With unexpected romance blossoming between them, will Kip keep his own secrets, or reveal the truth in the name of love?
Buy Link: Available Sept 20, 2016  Amazon Pre-Order
Annie continued laughing, closing her eyes and turning her head side to side to avoid a direct hit from the water. She reached out and wrapped her hands around the hose in an effort to aim it at Kip’s face. A tug of war began, each trying to gain control. At one point, Annie won the battle, jerking the hose from Kip’s hands and turning to face him with her arm outstretched as if the hose had become a saber.
“Stay back, Porter, or you’ll get it.” She waved the hose like a fencer ready to do battle.
“Put it down.” With his hands up in surrender, Kip inched toward Annie. “Don’t do anything you’ll regret.”
“I rarely have regrets,” she replied, retreating with baby steps. Kip lunged toward her and she pressed her thumb over the flow, letting a heavy spray soak the full length of his sleeve.
            “Now you’ve done it,” Kip said, joining Annie in raucous laughter while snatching the hose from her hand. He pulled her against him and sprayed a stream of water down the back of her dress, the shocking cold causing her to press tight against him.
            “Say uncle,” he laughed while holding the hose near her head.
            “You wouldn’t dare,” she said, grabbing toward the hose only to catch a handful of air.
            “Try me.” Kip brought the hose closer to her head, the water streaming down his already-soaked arm.
            Annie shrieked in between attempts to reach the hose, “Okay…I give…uncle…Just don’t spray my hair.”
           Kip dropped the hose to his side, letting the water flow away from them while keeping Annie firmly planted against his chest. Their laughter faded and their eyes locked, and Kip dropped the hose on the ground, sliding his now free hand into the thick curls at the base of Annie’s neck. 
About the Author
After several years of saying she would write a book someday, Leigh Fleming finally fulfilled her ultimate bucket list item by writing and self-publishing a novel. In 2013, she completed her first work, Precious Words, a suspenseful romance set in the glittering world of men’s professional tennis, taking the reader on a whirlwind trip full of love and danger.
Leigh continues to hone her craft and learn what it takes to create a page-turning novel. Whatever You Call Me is the second novel in a five-book series, set to release September 20, 2016. Whatever You Say will be released spring, 2017. She is also working on a womens fiction and historical novel.
Leigh is a member of Romance Writers of America and Washington Romance Writers. She lives with her husband, Patrick, in Martinsburg, West Virginia, and is mom to adult children, Tom and Liza, and her deaf French Bulldog Napoleon. 
Leigh's Contact Information

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  1. Good for you, Leigh! I'm following your path and submitting my work now. It's a tough business and I'm glad you chose to put your work out there no matter what.