Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wednesday Selfie ~ P-e-w!!

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Last night, Paul and I relaxed after a busy day. He's donating time to a friend's tech start up. After being away (we were in California for a month), he caught up with his colleagues.

My day was packed, a meeting with a community service organization, working on my WIP, checking out a new review from N.N. Light on The Guardian's Witch, and even an hour of cardio at the gym.

My work-in-progress (WIP) has been sitting in front of me for months. It's not my usual medieval romance with knights and magic. This is a different story, a time traveling art appraiser. I have 88,000 words of my WIP in place for a year but haven't finished it.

Instead I worked on two stories with my critique partners, the Timeless Scribes. We released a Christmas short story, Timeless Moments, last October.

We enjoy writing short stories but decided it was time to expand our writing into novellas. Each of us recently completed a story for our summer boxed set, Welcome to Havenport, which should be out in May.

But I digress. My WIP is a new story line for me--an adventure with romantic elements. It's taken a lot of soul searching to move away from a traditional romance, but this adventure excites me. Yesterday, I opened the file and got to work reading and getting acquainted with the characters. I realized I loved them and got fired up to polish this for RWA Nationals.

While I made dinner last night, Paul and I talked about our days. I've skinnied down  dinner with healthy choices, broiled fish, roasted asparagus and a salad. I didn't want to waste all that energy I burned at the gym with mashed potatoes. Well, yes I did but knew I didn't want to face those results. After all, summer is coming.

After dinner, Paul and I watched television. The day had been productive for each of us but exhausting. As usual I nodded off. That's when Pepe le Pew decided to visit. In Teaneck, where we live, there are lots of critters, beavers, opossums, raccoon, deer, and skunks.

Last night I sat bolt upright on the sofa as Pepe's fragrant perfume SATURATED the air. Paul checked to make sure all the doors and windows were closed--they were. We sprayed with freshner. Hours later the aroma still lingered, but it was tolerable.

I just got back from the gym, and while outside it smells sweet and a bit like winter (it's cold in NJ today), I've been going through all the rooms with air freshner. Pepe lingers on!

Any suggestions on how to 'clear the air'?


  1. Best to you on the new WIP. It sounds exciting! And for Pepe, I wish I knew the answer. Open those windows and wear a sweater.

    1. Thanks, Sandy. I didn't realize the odor lingered until I walked back into the house this morning. It's mild but definitely there. I'm thinking of making some for dinner with sauteed onions! Swap one aroma for another. At least I like onions!

  2. Yikes, Ruth! Our dog had a run-in with a skunk once and it felt like the smell lingered in the house forever. Windows open and be glad nothing in your house was actually sprayed.

  3. Oh, Ruth, what a situation. I have no idea what to do about the odor, but I hope it clears up soon! Good luck on the newest venture with the WIP.

    1. Thanks Barbara. It's finally getting better. I was able to open the windows.